Defly Sly

Paige Weems

Vibrations fill the room as the band “Defly Sly” practices. A strong hit to the snare drum keeps everyone together.“I have a good sense of tempo, I think. I try to keep it consistent and I often practice with a metronome,” said Riley Bean, the band’s drummer. They have been together since the beginning of sophomore year. The band has three members: Daniel Burchett, a Tecumseh High junior, on guitar; Calvin Tuttle, a PHS/CHS junior, on bass; and Riley Bean, a PHS junior, on drums. Dan started playing the guitar in the fifth grade. “I bought my first guitar, a really cheap Fender knockoff, when I was around ten and immediately started lessons. I have never regretted my choice in instrument,” said Burchett. The sound of classic rock fills the basement where the band practices. “Playing the bass to me is a lot of fun.. I mean I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t enjoyable to me. We all groove together and if I didn’t love playing bass, I wouldn’t waste my time,” Tuttle said. The movement of the room shifts and everyone knows right away what to do. The strings of the bass are loud and clear. The band members follow the bass player’s groove with anticipation and eagerness to play louder and harder.

“My main inspiration while playing would have to be trying something new or just coming up with parts of songs to bring to Calvin and Riley. They really help by adding their input into creating a song,” Burchett says. He leans forward and says with a warm smile, “Everyone really cares about each other in this band. We’re like family. Actually, Calvin’s my cousin, so we kinda are a family band.”