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The song starts seconds after silence, with a monotone bell. A harmonic piano chord joins in, and brings a vibe of foggy, below zero mornings. A hard drum snap and an echoing voice finish out the intro, with the distant voice describing two lovers in the street reminding him of his old relationship.

His relationship with this person is described in an intimate way. “I remember pulling your curtains back, then we made love to the old moon.” Throughout the song, he describes the pain he is going through due to a breakup. He continuously compares himself to other relationships around him.

Intertwined with emotional pain, he describes himself with his lover, and how they were passionate and connected in the deepest way. The chorus describes that his lover was then taken away. He tends to describe everything as very vivid and impressionable memory.

“I remember the petrol-thick mist,

We settled our lips,”


Matt Maltese is a songwriter born and raised in England. The album “In a New Bed” was recorded and produced in his bedroom with Alex Burey, hence the scratchy, rediscovered sound. The album was influenced by his most recent heartbreak, touching on elements of trust, old love, nostalgia, numbness, and lack of control. Maltese, 20, has been songwriting since the age of 14, and producing since he was 19. The featured album “In a New Bed” was Maltese’s first self-produced EP, released in 2016.

He plans to release more music, following “In a New Bed” and other singles. The songs vary in genres and vibes, yet all are connected through the same soft, gentle voice.

Next time you find yourself in the dead of winter and in need of a nap, check out “In a New Bed” and keep an eye out for future tracks.

Sending comfy winter vibes,


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