Just chilling with Jefferson


Many Community High students know Jefferson as just the one of the “Main Office Secretaries,” who takes care of attendance but there is much more to him then people may think.

Along with making all of Community’s purchases, Jefferson also manages the money that they spend. He is the only one with access to the credit card so all purchases are made through him. When orders come in he checks to make sure everything is there, and then gets the order where it needs to go. He also takes care of all the substitute teachers that come into the building. He checks them in, and makes sure they are accounted for.

The main office is a busy place and there are a fair share of stories that come with the rush. Windows line the back of the office and face the front lawn. While sitting at his desk, Jefferson can see all of what goes on outside.

“There’s one guy that tries to climb a tree right outside that window,” Jefferson said. “It happens like once a week, and he knows better but just still tries to get away with it.”

The main office does much more than just calling parents when students miss class, and checking in books. Jefferson helped shine a light on all the little things not only he, but the office as a whole must do daily to keep Community running smoothly.

As we interview Jefferson on a regular basis, feel free to comment questions you have for him!