Dante Mazzola


“It’s very nice [working on a farm]. They give you little tasks. Well, not always little, but it’s not one thing that you are doing all the time so you’re kind of getting a lot of experience doing different stuff around the farm for events. You could be pouring water for people; you could be sweeping the tent; you could be doing all this stuff. And I get a lot of variety. I enjoy it. I think it’s a perfect job for me because I think I am getting better and better at it. I find that I’m not really that good at socializing with other people, so. So I feel like this job really helped me out with that. I feel more confident in talking to people. It’s really improving my social confidence. Because we’re all a lot of strangers, talking, making sure everyone is comfortable, you know. The job is all about making people at events happy, and I feel like that’s very, very helpful.”