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Art by Ryan Thomas-Palmer.

Kids Queer-ies: What does coming out of the closet mean?

Geneve Thomas-Palmer 6 days ago

Disclaimer: Much of the queer experience and queer indentity does not exist in black-and-white and it is hard for many queer people to definitively explain or categorize things about themselves or their...

Staring at a computer screen for hours has become apart of my daily life. I work at my desk on a computer all day, then finish up homework here at night. This picture represents my current connection to Community High School: on a screen.

Unselfie: Emily Chung

Emily chung February 19, 2021

Street Harassment as a Female Student

Street Harassment as a Female Student

Maggie Wolf February 18, 2021

In the late evening hours of Sept. 12, CHS junior Sylva Das met up with a friend she had not seen in a while. In light of the current pandemic, Das’ parents instructed the two to remain outside, and...

Finding the Perfect Fit

Finding the Perfect Fit

Sophie Nunez February 16, 2021

Hope Hesseltine, CHS senior, is usually wearing a pair of baggy pants, a tight shirt with a flannel or sweatshirt on top. Her outfits are often paired with her go-to white vans or staple black converse....

At first, I was really disappointed about having to quarantine because I knew that meant that I’d be missing out on my long-awaited senior year. I had been craving sitting in the senior sections at football and basketball games, prom, the spork game, having in-person classes with mostly seniors and close friends, as well as much more. Though 2020 and 2021 didn’t get to see these events, I feel like quarantine has provided me with something just as valuable. I was given time. Time to think about all the things I had pushed to the back of my mind and tried my best not to think about. It’s forced me to understand myself better without constant outside influences and distractions. Although quarantine has taken away much of what I was looking forward to, I appreciate the time that I’ve had to reflect on myself and figure out what my plans are moving forward after high school.

Unselfie: Zara Greene

February 15, 2021

College Apps in Quarantine

College Apps in Quarantine

Lily Sickman-Garner February 15, 2021

“My instinct to you asking [about the college application process] was to say ‘Don't talk to me about it,’ but I literally signed up for this interview for you to talk to me about it,” Sage Iwashyna,...

Proust Questionnaire

Proust Questionnaire

Grace Wang February 13, 2021

Bella Weier, a junior at Pioneer High School shares her true nature through the questionnaire created by the French essayist and novelist Marcel Proust.  What is your idea of perfect happiness? Doing...

Earthrise, the photo of the Earth rising above the Lunar surface, was taken by astronaut Bill Anders on Dec. 24, 1968 during the Apollo 8 mission.

Fund NASA: To Space for Earth

Mori Ono February 11, 2021

The 2020 California wildfire season has produced four of the five largest fires ever recorded in the Stories state, killing 31 people and destroying 10,488 buildings. Throughout the disaster, an...

Checking in With Jada Hikary

Checking in With Jada Hikary

Grace Wang February 10, 2021

What is your life like? Well, currently I'm visiting Ann Arbor. But I live in Palmdale, California, with my dad, my stepmom, [my] two stepsisters and my brother. I moved at the beginning of June. As...

Artist Profile with Rosie Mellor

Artist Profile with Rosie Mellor

Ella Rosewarne February 7, 2021

“When I get an idea, I’ll initially start with a sketch on paper,” Mellor said. “But for bigger pieces that need to be thought out, I’ll do it digitally on my iPad. Then I transfer that onto...

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