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Unselfie: Eliot Klus

Here, I try to position the light to catch my face right, but the image is distorted because of the medium and, by the time the picture gets taken, I'm too late. I see how I am perceived at the very last moment.
Eliot Klus January 15, 2021

Unselfie: Kevin Dutton

This picture was taken when I went to Japan on an exchange program in 2018. The light tunnel makes me think of everything I had done that day and how much fun I had. It reminds me to always live in the present moment and to appreciate what I have now.
Kevin Dutton January 13, 2021

Unselfie: Maggie Wolf

This is a photo taken at a Huron High School Volleyball practice. For the safety of ourselves and our community, athletes play in masks. How have athletics changed in the middle of a pandemic, and is it safe to play?
Maggie Wolf January 11, 2021

Unselfie: Sam Berkooz

In this photo I am wearing a hat from the park. In many ways, it is representative of the fact that we are nothing more than the product of our genetics and our environment. My hat, the only non-neutral color, does a good job illustrating the common misbelief that we have full control over who we are. In reality, we can't control what happens or our genes, in turn changing ones sense of self. Additionally, we see my face fully covered by the phone: A demonstration of the world existing through the eyes of the beholder. In this case, the 'world' exists from the phone, rather than me (paralleled with idea of a lack of self existing).
Sam Berkooz January 9, 2021

Unselfie: Tai Tworek

When the pandemic started, I found myself with excess free time, which resulted in long visits with family members. However, as life has started to pick up again at full speed, many high-risk individuals are still living under extreme precautions. My photo was taken after a long weekend away in Indiana for soccer and visiting with my grandma. Because of the virus, I can't go in her room anymore, so I sit in the hall to visit with her. The pandemic made me realize the importance of carving time for people I care about, even when things get hectic.
Tai Tworek January 7, 2021

Unselfie: Henry Connor

Once the pandemic began I knew I needed to take advantage of it. I didn’t want to fall behind, I really wanted to stay active. The picture above shows me tying my running shoes getting ready for another run. Running to me is a nice escape from the real world. I go on a run to clear my mind and to help my body stay healthy. I started running around a few weeks after quarantine began. It was the hardest at first because I would need to take walk breaks and would often feel discouraged, However I noticed that the more I ran, the easier it was. I always felt better by the end of the day on the days that I would run, I felt good about the change I was making to my life. I would definitely recommend running to everyone reading this. It truly has had a positive impact on me and I am so thankful for it.
Henry Connor December 16, 2020

Unseflie: Anjali Kakarla

Unseflie: Anjali Kakarla
Anjali Kakarla December 14, 2020

I was standing on my deck today and looking at my shadow. While I was standing there it occurred to me that if a person just looked at the shadow not the owner of the shadow, they would have...

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