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Women in Jazz: Leah Van Der Velde

Photography by Geneve Thomas-Palmer.
Ria Lowenschuss December 18, 2020

Leah Van Der Velde’s family has always prioritized music. Van Der Velde grew up surrounded by the strums of a ukulele and the groans of a church organ; her grandfather was a ukulele player in college...

Women in Jazz: Stevie Dumitrascu

Photography by Geneve Thomas-Palmer.
Ria Lowenschuss December 10, 2020

Stevie Dumitrascu spent her childhood looking up to her older brother and his musical passions. She remembers going to his choir concerts when she was young, watching him sing his heart out on a big auditorium...

Women in Jazz: Ana Morgan

Photography by Kara Cuoio
Geneve Thomas-Palmer December 1, 2020

Ana Morgan has one video of the performances she used to put on as a kid: holding her plastic Barbie guitar, she sat both of her parents down in the living room and accompanied her neighbor in their own...

Women in Jazz: Abby Kohn

Women in Jazz: Abby Kohn
Geneve Thomas-Palmer November 23, 2020

For Pioneer High School (PHS) senior Abby Kohn, music has always been an unavoidable, crucial part of her life. Before she began playing the French horn, Kohn would interact with music by singing and though...

Women in Jazz: Sophia Svinicki

Photography by Geneve Thomas-Palmer
Ria Lowenschuss November 19, 2020

Trigger warning: this story contains descriptions of eating disorders. Growing up, Sophia Svinicki thought she knew what a musician looked like. Musicians were skinny, muscular, confident. They knew...

Women in Jazz: Grace Wang

Women in Jazz: Grace Wang
Geneve Thomas-Palmer November 16, 2020

Every summer, Grace Wang and her family would drive down to Maryland: eight hours spent watching trees flit by off of the side of the highway, music flowing through her ears. Wang’s dad was always in...

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