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January update for Forum Council

January update for Forum Council
Noah Bernstein February 8, 2020

The greater part of January was dedicated to organizing middle school meetings. The outreach is a major part of how CHS informed potential middle schoolers and their parents about CHS. Since CHS is not...

Sarah Hechler leads Cindy Haidu-Banks’ old forum

Sarah Hechler leads Cindy Haidu-Banks' old forum
Geneve Thomas-Palmer February 3, 2020

In the fall of 2016, Sarah Hechler first came to CHS as a student teacher for former social studies teacher and forum leader Cindy Haidu-Banks. By the end of the term, she knew two things: she wanted to...

Forum Council meets to check in on multiculti preparations and form committees

Forum Council meets to check in on multiculti preparations and form committees
Julia Sonen November 13, 2019

This Monday, Nov. 11, Forum Council (FoCo) kicked off with each Forum representative giving a sentence or two summary of their forums’ multiculti work so far. Most forums were in the research stage and...

Forum Council approves remaining MultiCulti plans

Forum Council approves remaining MultiCulti plans
Julia Sonen November 4, 2019

On Nov. 4, Forum Council (FoCo) finished approving forum’s plans for MultiCulti. After a slide for the forum bulletin containing MutiCulti information was discussed and approved, FoCo approved Anderson...

College visits: Tufts University

College visits: Tufts University
Leah Dewey, Journalist October 30, 2019

“I love Tufts; Tufts is my favorite place ever,” said Jon Soloski, an admissions officer from Tufts University. Soloski graduated from Tufts in 2014 and has never left. Tufts is a private research...

Forum Council approves Multi-Culti plans

Forum Council meets to discuss MultiCulti guidelines.
Julia Sonen, Journalist October 30, 2019

On Monday Oct. 28 (pajama day at Community High), Forum Council (FoCo) started its meeting by moving the club photo to the end of the meeting, and voting to see if the meeting notes should go on the school...

College Visits: Macalester College

College Visits: Macalester College
Linnea Verhey-Henke, Journalist October 15, 2019

On Oct. 2, Anne Walsh, Director of Admissions at Macalester [Mac], visited CHS. Walsh went to an enormous high school, and then onto the University of Wisconsin Madison for the first two years of college....

CHS awarded with a national blue ribbon award for education

FOS teacher Liz Stern crowns Dean Marci Tuzinsky after the 1 p.m. announcement. Tuzinsky will travel to Washington, D.C. on Nov. 14 to receive the award from Secretary of Education Betsy Devos.
Isaac McKenna and Tai Tworek October 2, 2019

On Sept. 26, 2019, Community High School (CHS) was recognized as one of this year’s National Blue Ribbon Schools. At 1 p.m., classes throughout the building watched a video released by Secretary...

Title IX complaint filed against Community High School

Title IX complaint filed against Community High School
Paige Duff and Cammi Tirico April 25, 2019

UPDATE: In a statement released via a facebook post on April 30, 2019, the filer, Jenny Hannibal, said that after talking with staff, students and parents she has acknowledged that there are inaccuracies...

CHS deans named MIPA Administrators of the Year

CHS deans, Marci Tuzinsky (front left) and Rebecca Westrate (front right) smile after staff members of The Communicator surprise them with their award announcement.
Ava Millman April 24, 2019

In what had the makings of a spectacular April Fool’s joke, on Monday April 1, 2019, Community High School’s (CHS) Dean Marci Tuzinsky and Assistant Dean Rebecca Westrate entered Tracy Anderson’s...

The last event to wrap up Depression Awareness Month

The last event to wrap up Depression Awareness Month
Meghana Tummala April 15, 2019

Sharing one’s mental health illness and journey with others is a difficult task. But Steve Coron, Community’s art teacher; Andrea Schnell, a Depression Awareness Group (DAG) member at Community; Will...

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