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“The Flight Attendant” Review

Mia Goldstein 3 days ago

“The Flight Attendant” starring Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden, is a wickedly funny yet sadistic thriller featured on HBO Max. What first is perceived as a rompy comedy mini-series soon takes a turn...


Elijah Klein 4 days ago

In 2020, I wasn’t really looking to watch many scary, psychological, thriller movies, because it felt as though the world was already in one. Though the world is still filled with conflict, when I came...

“Big Time Adolescence” Movie Review

Shannon Kahan 5 days ago

Released in 2019 and directed by Jason Orley, “Big Time Adolescence” is a coming-of-age comedy film starring Pete Davidson, Griffin Gluck, Sydney Sweeny and Machine Gun Kelley. Zeke, played by Pete...

“My Octopus Teacher” Movie Review

Sebastian Wyngaard January 12, 2021

“My Octopus Teacher” is a new documentary out on Netflix. It documents filmmaker Craig Foster’s year long escape into the underwater world right behind his house and the octopus he meets there. As...

“Trial 4”

Elijah Klein December 8, 2020

With the current political climate and polarization of people within the country, there are very few things that all people can agree on. A specific area that is cause for much debate is the justice system....

“The Trial of the Chicago 7”

Henry Connor December 1, 2020

Released on Oct. 16, 2020, “The Trial of the Chicago 7” is a Netflix original courtroom drama written and directed by the legendary Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin has written for many well-known films in the...

Dave Chappelle SNL Monologue

'Saturday Night Live' guest host Dave Chappelle during the monologue on Saturday. (Will Heath/NBC/TNS)
KURT HAUSMAN November 18, 2020

On Nov. 7, President and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris delivered their victory speeches at their campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Del.. Customs like the victory speech and the concession...

Ace Attorney: A Classic Reimagined

Ace Attorney: A Classic Reimagined
Erin Simmons November 16, 2020

Oct. 12, 2005, the first Ace Attorney game, “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney,” was released for the first time in the United States.  Developed and published by Capcom, this classic visual novel series...

“Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane & Able” by Black Thought

Sam Berkooz November 6, 2020

On Oct. 16, 2020, Philadelphia rapper, Black Thought, released his debut studio album, “Streams of Thought, Vol. 3: Cane and Able.” The star-studded tracklist of 13 songs featured the likes of Pusha...

Baroness Von Sketch Takes the Stage: A Review

Baroness Von Sketch Takes the Stage: A Review
Erin Simmons November 5, 2020

Comedy sketch shows have been popular for decades, from Saturday Night Live to Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and many more in between. In the last couple years, however, a new show has surfaced in Canada...

“Hold On”

Grace Wang November 5, 2020

This past weekend, the R&B artist H.E.R., from Vallejo, Calif., released her newest single, “Hold On.” With 11.6 million monthly listeners, the song has already gained a significant amount of recognition.  The...

“The 100”

Shannon Kahan October 28, 2020

“The 100” is a CW television show based on a series of novels by Kass Morgan. It was released in 2014 and produced by Jason Rothenburg. In the first episode, after spending countless years in a space...

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