The Communicator

The Communicator

The Communicator

“Pop!” - by Rin Simmons. For this piece I took just five pens of mine and filled an entire page in my sketchbook with random doodles using only these pens and nothing else. I wanted to experiment with pens some more, and I wanted to make a full page of color that pops at you, hence the name.


Rin Simmons
October 22, 2018


Elena Bernier
October 10, 2018
Hey, my name is K.c. and I took these portraits at different murals in ann arbor for Steves photography class.

October 9

October 9, 2018
I am Brooke Linton-Rafko. I took these pictures around Community in 2018.

October 8

Brooke Rafko
October 8, 2018
I took this outside of rosey’s, the barber.

October 6

Elinor Duck
October 6, 2018
My name is Molly Maloy and I took this picture in Nicholas Arcade because I was trying to take a picture of just the sign and I noticed a cool reflection off the window.

October 5

Molly Maloy
October 5, 2018
I took this at the gas station!

October 4

Claire Midds
October 4, 2018
taken at the market

October 2

Emily Robinson
October 3, 2018
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