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Laptops at CHS

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Computers have become necessities of high school academics. There are laptop carts all around the school, the computer lab is always occupied by English and FOS classes and the Media Center has a laptop cart as well as many Apple desktops. High school students heavily rely on the school computers for technical assistance. Despite CHS’s resources, students still bring their own laptops to school. Why is this?

Out of 22 students surveyed, only six students use their own laptop in school.

The majority of the students do not use their own laptops at school. Those who do use it for their own purposes.

All of the students that use their own laptop and bring it to school use it for school work. Five of the six students who used their laptops in school used it for listening to music, as well as watching movies.

Despite these results, the question remains the same. Do students need to use their own laptops at school? In most cases, students say no, because most schools offer the necessary technological resources provided for academic success. Some of the surveyed students insist that they need to use their own laptops, despite the schools resources. It proves that the student is responsible enough to get work done.

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Laptops at CHS