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“Multi-Culti” or “Feast” as it is known, is a multi-cultural fair specific to Community High School. It’s a celebration of different cultures around the globe that entails every forum to assume the role of a different place around the world.

From the decoration to the authentic food, the goal is to let every student visit a different place on earth.

This year the cultures being brought to the classroom are:multiculti500

• Viking Life by Ken McGraw’s forum

• Vogue by Steve Coron’s forum

• Australia by Rosi Simmer’s forum

• 1950’s Malt Shoppe by Brian Miller’s forum

• Bedouins by Moe El-Hussieny’s forum

• Israel/Palestine by Janelle Johnson’s forum

• British Tea Time by Judith DeWoskin’s forum

• Ancient Greece by Anne Thomas’s forum

• Tailgating by Robbie Stapleton’s forum

• Las Vegas by Marci Tuzinsky’s forum

• Farm Life by Craig Levin’s forum

• Philippines by Danelle Mosher’s forum

• Soviet Russia by Tracy Rosewarne’s forum

• Japan by Cindy Haidu-Banks’s forum

• Finland by Marion Evashevski’s forum

• Italy by Elena Flores’ forum

• San Francisco by Cheryl Grace’s forum

• Renaissance by Ed Kulka’s forum

• Brazilian Carnival by Phil Walker’s forum

The preparation for the feast is often hectic and requires after school work from the students. In the McGraw forum, certain dedicated students stayed as late as 8:30 PM. In the Tuzinsky forum, some students even stayed as late as 10:00 PM. Their effort made for some of the most impressive rooms this year.

Senior Barry Brown was one of the students in the McGraw forum that stayed until 8:30 PM. “It was fun, and tiring,” he said. Contrary to the will of the upper classmen, “I worked on a lot of different jobs. Mostly just different parts of everything.” A lot of which involved driving around to get things, considering only himself and one other person in the forum have a drivers license.

After the feasting, the forums all come together and give feedback to better the experience next year. Of course, most students would appreciate more time to eat, but some of the interesting ideas were changing the expectations for culture selection and having different standards for the information provided to others.

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