Community Prom Enchanted Gardens: Photo Story

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  • Will Carroll and Audra Waterloo pose before heading inside prom on May 4, 2018.

  • Robert Maglione and Jada Green smile for the camera on their way into the Washtenaw Country Club.

  • Aris Chalin, Isabel Espinosa, Andrea Schnell and Jonah Eichner pose before entering prom, held at Washtenaw Golf Club.

  • Grace Jensen and Evan Phillips pose for a photo before entering Community High Prom.

  • Jordan Tirico, Mimi Hunter, Suibhne O'Foighil, Suephie Saam, Zane Jones, Rose Bogard, Matt Vetort, Juliette Nanos and Ian Keller, take a group picture before entering prom. They had all just came from a pot-luck dinner together.

  • Brennan Eicher (middle) poses with Community science teachers: Liz Stern (Left) and Courtney Kiley (Right).

  • Io Soucy and Yoshi Frometas pose for a photo before going to prom.

  • Elana Heaney and Eleni Tsadis pause dancing to take a picture.

  • Rose Bogard and Sabina Fall laugh while inside Washtenaw Country Club on May 4, 2018.

  • Ben Chosid and Marley Wolff with others dance and laugh on May 4, 2018.

  • Noah Greenberg makes his way off the dancefloor after dancing at prom.

  • Gina Liu, Ellie Vandermark, and Eleni Tsadis dance at the 2018 Community High Prom.

  • Bree Linton and others sing while dancing at prom on May 4th, 2018.

  • Suephie Saam and her date, Jordan Tirico, pose for a picture on the dance floor.

  • Camille Konrad and Catherine Nicoli pause dancing to pose for a photo.

  • Viv Brandt and her boyfriend Eric Steinhauer pose for a picture on the dance floor, near the smoke machine.

  • Alec Redding and Aaron Rogers dance slightly off the dancefloor.

  • Grace Bates dances in the Washtenaw Country Club on May 4th, 2018

  • Julian Mayes-Burnett and Andrew Reynolds grab refreshments between songs.

  • Rishi Nemorin and Lydia Betz, on the dancefloor at Community High Prom.

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