What happened to Courtney’s toe?

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What happened to Courtney’s toe?

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Courtney Kiley arrived at her classroom on a Friday morning at the usual time to find that, once again, the door was already unlocked.

“I came in, and I noticed that I had been sabotaged, I would call it,” Kiley said.

Her plants were up on the projector, and her label-maker had been put to use upon many items around the room. Little did she know, a certain student — “maybe his name is Max Steiger” — had also put jelly beans in her water bottle.

Steiger meant it as a joke: a prank played on a teacher he is friends with.

“She is really fun to screw with because her reactions are always hilarious,” Steiger said.

However, when he confessed to the jellybean crime, Kiley did not see it that way.

“She was still mad, and with her best judgment, Courtney decided the best course of action would be to sprint down the halls to catch me,” Steiger said.

In doing so, Kiley caught her foot on a metal bookshelf but continued despite the pain of her now broken toe.

“I thought I was going to barf and pass out at the same time,” Kiley said. “I saw stars.”

Her goal was to grab the 70 or so pencils she knew were in Steiger’s backpack and toss them onto the ground, but her injury prevented her success.

However, the game is not over yet. Kiley says she will definitely get revenge.

“I will sabotage him in his sleep,” Kiley said. “I know where he lives. I’m pretty sure his mom would let me into their house if I wanted to put peanut butter in his sheets or something.”

Kiley’s new pair of Birkenstocks are the only shoes she can wear with her injured foot, but they will be broken in wrong because she has to walk differently. She expects that Steiger will buy her another pair to make up for it.

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