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Abigail Gaies
Abbie, a senior at Community, is so excited to be one of four print editor-in-chiefs, and she’s loved journalism since her freshman year. Her passion within journalism is straight-up writing; she leaves the design aspect to her journalism buddy, Henry. Abbie is a lover of grammar, and it’s an odd day if she doesn’t get at least three questions about the AP style rules.

Her life outside of the journalism lab consists of one thing: gymnastics. It takes up all of Abbie’s “free time,” but she wouldn’t be who she is today without having spent almost 13 years in the sport. Abbie also loves listening to music — believing that there is at least one song for whatever mood someone is in — and spends much of her money on going to concerts, her happy place. She simultaneously wants May (aka graduation) to come quickly, but also take its time; clearly, she’s terrible at making decisions, so it’s a good thing she has three other editors to help her through this crazy process!

Abigail Gaies, Print Editor-in-Chief

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