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Anne Curzan: On Interviewing Hillary and Finding Her Passion

Photo Courtesy of UM Photo Services
Roxie Richner November 15, 2017

As a professor of English Linguistics at the University of Michigan, an Associate Dean for the College of Language, Science and the Arts, and the proud face of her own segment on Michigan Radio, Anne Curzan...

Hillary Clinton Visits Ann Arbor to Explain “What Happened”

Ann Arbor was Clinton's sixth stop on her
Cammi Tirico and Grace Jensen October 27, 2017

    “What happened?” — a question many, in the political world and not, like presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, have been asking  since the November 2016 election. Clinton...

President Obama Campaigns in Ann Arbor Hours Before Election Day

President Barack Obama stands before starting his speech as the crowd cheers.
Joel Appel-Kraut, Hannah Rubenstein, and Megan Syer November 8, 2016

The mass of people filing into Ray Fisher Stadium snaked in circles around the parking lot and spilled, uncontrollably, onto Hoover St. in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, by 8:30 a.m. on Mon., Nov. 7. President...

Clinton Returns to Detroit With Just Four Days Until Election Day

Clinton Returns to Detroit With Just Four Days Until Election Day
Claire Middleton, Sophia Rosewarne, Cammi Tirico (Photos), and Elena Bernier (Photos) November 4, 2016

NOV 4. - A mere four days before the highly-anticipated 2016 presidential election approx. 3,500 people gathered in shed three of Detroit’s Eastern Market. Attendees waved a sea of red, white, and...

The Lesser of Two Evils?

The Lesser of Two Evils?
Tawiah Yalley, Guest Writer November 4, 2016

The United States Presidential election may be one of the most watched election throughout the world, and this year this is be truer than ever. This year’s candidates have brought worry and entertainment...

Don’t Vote Trump

Don’t Vote Trump
Phoebe Bolz, Guest Writer November 4, 2016

What does one think of when one hears the word “president?” What may come to mind is a leader, someone who can be trusted and looked up to as a role model. Someone who believes in true equality for...

Love Trumps Hate, and Hate Loves Trump

Love Trumps Hate, and Hate Loves Trump
Emily Tschirhart November 4, 2016

       At the third Presidential Debate of 2016, Donald Trump did not shake the hand of his opponent Hillary Clinton, neither at the beginning nor the end. The October air in Las Vegas buzzed with...

Tim Kaine Speaks to Building ‘Community of Respect’ at Ann Arbor Rally

Tim Kaine Speaks to Building ‘Community of Respect’ at Ann Arbor Rally
Hannah Rubenstein and Joel Appel-Kraut September 16, 2016

The sun beat down on Tim Kaine’s back as he took the makeshift stage, erected in the middle of the University of Michigan Diag. The Senator from Virginia stood before thousands of Michigan Wolverines...

Democratic Presidential Debate – Flint, Michigan

CNN Democratic Debate at the University of Michigan in Flint, Michigan. Photo Courtesay of CNN

Members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and their respective campaign staffers gathered in Flint on March 6 for this election cycle’s seventh Democratic...

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