To Paris and the World

November 17, 2015

Our hearts go out to the people of Paris and to the victims of terrorism and injustice everywhere in the world. What happened on Friday was a tragedy for humanity, something felt around the globe. Out of the horror we witnessed the kindness that we are all capable of giving, just like the people who opened their homes on Friday night to welcome in scared strangers. Nous aimons Paris, vive la France.


“For centuries lovers of death have tried to make us lose the flavor of living. They never succeed.”

This is the quote that flashed on my instagram feed hours after the attack on Paris. Immediately I wrote it down, somewhere, anywhere, because I knew that this moment needed to be remembered. The vitality of a people needed to be remembered. The individuals who opened their homes to the homeless, offered free rides to safer areas, and consoled strangers needed to be remembered. No matter how people choose to hate others, to harm others, Paris has showed how powerful we can be against it. This is something that will stay with all alive who heard it over the radio, saw it over the T.V., learned of it from family. To all those in Paris, in France, know that the solidarity of human kindness is behind you indefinitely.

-Marin Scott


A tragedy like this should never happen again. What happened last Friday, Nov. 13 was unacceptable. This massacre was unjustifiable. No one should ever have to witness this.

So why? Why do such tragedies happen? What drives people to hurt each other? What makes them want to bring evil into this world?

There are theories out there by people trying to explain the attackers reasoning. But these are just theories. No one but the attackers can possibly know their true motives.

And we may never know. But, we will always stand strong. We will remain resilient. Paris, we stand with you.

Paris, nous envoyons nos prières pour vous. En cette période de crise, nous devons nous unir.

Paris, rester forte.

-Emily Ojeda


I know and love the area where some of the attacks took place.  Rue de Charonne and La Republique are places that I have wandered through freely many times over the past 23 years.  Today, when I saw photos of the masses of people surrounding La Bastille, I was reminded of what it felt like to be in similar sized crowds that have also surrounded the Bastille – in celebration of equality, independence, etc.,  I can imagine the pain that is there right now, but there is also resiliency.  There are songs, embraces and tears that are holding the people together in a place where they have strongly stood before.  Love must prevail.

-Tracy Anderson


To everyone affected – stay strong.

-Ellen Reed


As Friday night unfolded I just felt my heart sink lower and lower. I asked myself what everyone was wondering: Why? How could a small group of people cause so much pain, and do such barbarous acts? How could you separate yourself from your humanity and do these terrible things? But in turn, I felt the connection with other people around the world mourning the loss of 129 Parisians. I felt the unity and bond that was forged from that horrendous night, and I firmly believe that however hard they strike they will only galvanize our resolve to live in a better world. Vive la France, vive le monde.

-Matthew Ferraro


It’s pretty hard for me to wrap my head around human beings that are capable of committing such a terrible crime to other HUMAN beings. It makes me so incredibly heart-broken and doleful for all of the families and people of Paris and France as a whole. I hope this world can turn around, become a better place fueled by pure-hearted compassion. But until then I wish for Paris’s spirit to remain strong.

All of our thoughts are reaching out to them.

-Sabina Fall


There’s no way to express the loss that the citizens of Paris are suffering, nor the sympathy that we and the rest of the world feel for them.  Paris, our thoughts go out to you.

-Danny Freiband


“When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.”

-Dalai Lama,   (Suggested by Erez Dessel)



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