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A defeated mission
A sleepless sporking

A sleepless sporking

February 9, 2020

Before the darkness turned purple

Every morning for five weeks straight, I laid on the floor of black box 201. It was the most beautiful room in the entire Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts at Northwestern University, anyone could tell...

Nothing to lose

The L train rumbled past my window at 5:30 a.m. and I jolted awake. My hotel room was dark, illuminated only by the neon lights from across the street, advertising a jewelry store. Outside, the day was...

Cooking for common ground

Peering tentatively over a Whisperlite stove into a simultaneously watery and burnt pot of mac-n-cheese, I realized I was not a natural born chef. This was the first of 30 nights in the Alaskan tundra...