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A Graduates Game Plan
A Graduate's Game Plan
Griffin Siersma 11 hours ago

Tailgating Troubles
Tailgating Troubles
Claire Steigelman November 25, 2022

  Maize and blue flags billowed in the mid-October wind. The traditional flags were accompanied by many variations— from pride...

Live For Yourself
Live For Yourself
Reagan Masek November 18, 2022

Hannah Margolis walked with her head buried in her books through the hallways trying to avoid eye contact with everyone. She spent her freshman...

A Glimpse Into The Visit
A Glimpse Into "The Visit"
Hannah L. Rubenstein November 15, 2022

A look into CET rehearsals and crew meetings leading up to tech week for their upcoming performance of "The Visit".

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My Story: Rewriting
My Story: Rewriting
Charlie Rosenfeld

On March 13, 2020, I was 14 years old. So young, it seems. But it was just 670 days ago. It really isn’t that much. And yet, it’s thousands...

Photo Courtesy of Maggie Wolf
My Story: Until Alaska
Maggie Wolf

On March 13, 2020, I was 15 years old. A sophomore in high school, it felt like my world was just beginning to expand. As my 18-year-old sister...

My Story: Reward from Risk
My Story: Reward from Risk
Kevin Dutton

On March 13, 2020, I was 15 years old. Throughout my whole life, I played soccer. From competing in intense basement matches with my older brother...

A New Beginning: Kelly Maveal
A New Beginning: Kelly Maveal
Kelly Maveal is excited to step into her new role at CHS and can’t wait to help guide students through high school.
Kevin Dutton

As Kelly Maveal walked down the aisle of St. Andrew’s Church to the roaring claps and cheers of CHS students, she knew she had found the right school. Maveal was astounded by the special atmosphere and student leadership on Aug. 29, 2022, during the CHS opening ceremony. “I was just standing in the back and my jaw dropped under my mask,”...

Teachers First Jobs
Teachers' First Jobs
Sana Schaden and Ruth Shikanov

Marci Harris At the age of 13, Marci Harris, CHS French teacher, got her first official job as a caddy at the Birmingham Country Club. Harris wanted the job because her friends also did it but admittedly,...

Cindy Haidu-Banks in front of a plaque featuring the Fourth Ward School.
Importance of the Unknown
Navi Fields

Cindy Haidu-Banks, a former teacher at Community has come out of retirement to lend a hand in this year's celebration of Jones Elementary School. After being a part of the Social Studies Department...

Hannah Crabtree poses in the brightly-colored art room. They love teaching art for its flexibility as a subject— encouraging people to find their own paths to art is what their class is all about.
Meet Hannah Crabtree, New Art Teacher at CHS
Rita Ionides

The art room, a light-filled, paint-stained classroom tucked away in the southwestern corner of the first floor, has a new teacher in residence. Smiling, plaid-clad Hannah Crabtree is the newest addition...

Steve Coron gets pied in the face at the annual pi day celebration at CHS.
A Real, Legitimate Career
Scarlett London and Felicity Rosa-Davies

During his first year at Community High (CHS) Steve Coron began working as an advisor for the “Midnight Sun,” CHS’s student-produced yearbook. Coron’s time on the yearbook highlighted his immense...

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Ella Rosewarne
Proust Questionnaire with Hazel Derry
Ella Rosewarne

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Just being content with the biggest parts of my life. What is your greatest fear? Suffocating. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? My lack...

Mori Ono enjoys time outside as plants bloom in Ann Arbor. The nearby blooming magenta bushes have added color to Onos view recently.
Proust Questionnaire with Mori Ono
Ella Rosewarne

What is your idea of perfect happiness?  Being swept up in a moment of curiosity that has me yearning to discover more about something fascinating.  What is your greatest fear?  A fear that...

Sadie Barber spends her lunch on the front lawn. This was her first year in CHS and she is adjusting to high school.
Proust Questionnaire with Sadie Barber
Ella Rosewarne

What is your idea of perfect happiness? I don't think perfect happiness exists but genuine kindness and gratitude, in general, would help to achieve it. What is your greatest fear? Getting...

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