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The Communicator

The Spinning Dot Teen Company performs The Underground Library, written by South African playwright Jon Keevy.
Beyond Child's Play: Spinning Dot Theatre's Revolutionary Approach
Malcolm London 5 days ago

We’ve all seen it before. A group of bored children waddle on stage and are told to stand in straight lines while they perform the chorus of “Annie” to a group of bored parents. For many of us, this...

Coffee of Ann Arbor
Coffee of Ann Arbor
Mariah Zeigler February 14, 2024

When considering Ann Arbor’s absurd amount of college students and high school students who maintain the constant cycle of craving and consuming...

WNWO-TV (NBC 24) studios located in Toledos southwest neighborhood.
The Decline of Local Media and Why Public Radio Might Be The Solution
Jonathan Carter February 12, 2024

The decline of local media has been an ongoing trend in recent years. Since 2021, over 360 newspapers have closed, averaging about 2 closures...

Amelia Sandstrom studying for her Algebra 2 final.
Leveling The Academic Playing Field
Payton Sly February 10, 2024

CHS teachers are a major figure along a student's academic journey and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. However, many students...

Prehistoric humans finger-painted by creating markings on the soft stone of cave walls.
The Purpose of Art
Kaylee Gadepalli February 10, 2024

Art has always been a huge part of my life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of illustrating a book, and I sketch out designs every...

Should Students Use AI in the Classroom?
Should Students Use AI in the Classroom?
Anthony Wang February 8, 2024

“Providing instructions for students' ethical utilization of AI tools is now more pressing than ever.” With the ability of personalized...

Why Ann Arbor Needs More Raised Sidewalks
Why Ann Arbor Needs More Raised Sidewalks
Eilidh Hutchings February 6, 2024

At least by the time they graduate, almost every Community student has walked over to Kerrytown for something or other. It’s a natural walk,...

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