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Ecology Ends the Year in Detroit
Ecology Ends the Year in Detroit
Bridgette Kelly 2 days ago

Courtney Kiley’s Ecology class zoomed through the bike paths of Metro Detroit last week, identifying species of trees and birds along the way....

Live Updates: School Board Meeting
Live Updates: School Board Meeting
Claire Lewis, Jacqueline Boynton, Clara Freeth, and Lucia Page Sander 3 days ago

Prior to 7:00: Teachers and community members gather in front of Pioneer High School, rallying in support of Ann Arbor educators. 7:18: Public...

The CHS students of PTGs Mean Girls
The CHS students of PTG's Mean Girls
Kaylee Gadepalli and Luca Hinesman May 11, 2024

Pioneer Theatre Guild, Pioneer High School’s student theater company, is well known for producing fantastic shows. With its elaborate sets,...

Emily Yesowitz gives an incoming freshman an overview of poetry club at the mini-club fair.
The Newest Rainbow Zebras
Amelia Sandstrom, Journalist • May 8, 2024

On April 30, post lottery drawings, decisions and lots of excitement, the class of 2028 visited their future high school for AAPS transition...

Art by Eddie Mobilio Breck and Piper Cooke.
Student Views on the Digital SAT
Piper Cooke, Eddie Mobilio Breck, and Janaki Nallamothu May 4, 2024

Every school year in April, students in Ann Arbor take standardized tests. Freshmen and sophomores take the PSAT 9 or 10, while juniors take...

Flynn Meagher (center) watches a jam session at Wooten Woods. Victor Wootens older brother, pianist Joseph Wooten (left), was playing the jam session and teaching the class. He was super easy to talk to and he talked to us for a long time, Meagher said. Just playing with these great musicians on stage was incredible.
Wooten Woods
Augustus Kaschube and Helio Fong May 3, 2024

CHS’ jazz students who attended the “Wooten Woods" trip claimed it to be life changing. From April 3—7, the CHS jazz students attended...

First Spring Fashion Photoshoot
First Spring Fashion Photoshoot
Elijah Makman-Levinson, Journalist • May 2, 2024

On Tuesday, April 16, teachers and students from all grades gathered on Community’s front lawn for a spring photoshoot. The many people who...

FOS Students Take on the Anatomage
FOS Students Take on the Anatomage
Piper Rose Cooke, Kaylee Gadepalli, and Mia Rubenstein April 30, 2024

In late April, students from Marcy McCormick’s FOS II and FOS III classes took an hour-long field trip to the University of Michigan’s Taubman...

Earth Days Role in Fostering Global Environmental Consciousness
Earth Day's Role in Fostering Global Environmental Consciousness
Janaki Nallamothu and Ivy Miller April 29, 2024

Earth Day is an annual celebration recognized in over 190 countries that not only honors the achievements and environmental movements over the...

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