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Maggie Williams works on a sketch in the art room. Williams has found that she feels most at peace when she is drawing. “I think I have always liked art,” Williams said. “I like looking at it, I like creating it. It’s just great.”
Artist Profile: Maggie Williams
Nina Tinney 2 days ago

From the moment Maggie Williams was able to hold a pencil in her hand, she has been creating art. Doodling in the margins of her assignments...

Julie and the Phantoms Review
"Julie and the Phantoms" Review
Kaylee Gadepalli May 9, 2024

Have you ever had food poisoning? What do you do when your dreams die with you after consuming a bad street hot dog? These are the questions...

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips Review
"We Buy Diabetic Test Strips" Review
Jake Williams May 8, 2024

Armand Hammer is one of the hardest-to-follow duos in modern hip-hop. Billy Woods and ELUCID’s incredibly deliberate rapping style, that borders...

Immaculate Review
"Immaculate" Review
Cecilia Costello-Saile May 7, 2024

Sister Cecilia, played by Sydney Sweeny, comes to Italy to take her final vows as a nun in a picturesque convent in the countryside. Ever so...

Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern Review
"Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern" Review
Jake Williams, journalist • May 6, 2024

Bedwetter, Dale Krueglar, Lordmaster DJ SK the Subterranean Suspect, Thermos Grenadine, Cat Torso and Vudmurk are just a few of the names that...

Eternal Sunshine Review
"Eternal Sunshine" Review
Jasmine Jennings May 5, 2024

From her iconic ponytail to her angelic voice, Ariana Grande has been a household name for years; her albums and new releases effortlessly hit...

Players have to know where their teammates are and make sure they’re not hitting each other in the crossfire in “Helldivers 2.”
Helldivers 2: A Genius Satire
Walker Ledbetter, Journalist • May 3, 2024

Helldivers 2 is a game about perseverance against the most downright impossible, silly and sometimes horrifying odds imaginable. Playing as a...

Heavy Heavy Review
"Heavy Heavy" Review
Jake Williams May 2, 2024

Young Fathers sixth album, “Heavy Heavy,” expertly combines neo-soul and art pop with West African music, making an album that is equal parts...

Jake Williams May 1, 2024

Both chaotic and catchy, Jeff Rosenstock's “HELLMODE” boasts an incredibly consistent tracklist of indie-rock and pop-punk bangers from front...

False Summer
Ionie Steudle April 30, 2024

“That! Feels! Good!” Review
“That! Feels! Good!” Review
Jake Williams April 30, 2024

Jessie Ware’s 2023 album, “That! Feels! Good!” is a sensual, groovy album that is absurdly catchy. The 40 minutes of disco and pop are...

Photography provided by Seeger Gray

Actors in Northwestern University’s Jewish Theatre Ensemble shine in the spotlight. The show, full of dark content, was a joy to put on. “The process of making a show with a group of people, no matter how difficult the subjects are, is inherently so full of joy,” said Lauren Nishi, crew member of the “Falsettos” lighting crew.
How Much Hope Is Too Much?
Leila Bank April 29, 2024

The Norris Louis room at Northwestern University was alight with music and chatter. Rows of chairs sat surrounding the in-the-round stage, creating...

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