2 Views On The 2nd Amendment – Gun Rights

January 20, 2017

  Trump has been consistent on the campaign trail as to why the United States should not heavily enforce gun control laws. Before Trump even ran for president, he said in Feb. of 2011 that he was against gun control. Then, in Oct. of 2015 he said gun violence will be inevitable and regulations won’t help. He also thinks gun ownership in the US makes us safer, and there should be no limit on guns. . He thinks there should be no guns for people on the terrorist watch-list. In his presidency he wants to appoint a Supreme Court judge who will respect the second amendment.

  Pence has been more soft-spoken in recent years about gun control laws. He was graded an A by the NRA for pro-gun rights, and voted to ban gun registration and trigger lock law in DC. Both Trump and Pence are very conservative about gun control but Trump has been more adamant about making his views clear. Many Americans feel very strongly about the second amendment, and Trump won votes for being so clear about protecting it.

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