Khalil Eljamal

“I was taking pictures for digital photography, and as I’m walking back into the school, Sean Kiel-Locey opens the door and I’m like ‘oh okay this is nice he opened the door for me,’ but as he opens the door he just stabs me in the chest. My heart dropped for a minute. My spork was in my pocket because I can’t take a picture and hold a spork at the same time. So Sean got me, and I wasn’t too mad about the fact I was out of the game because it was getting kind of annoying, but I was mad at the fact that Sean got me because, come on. But Sean has been doing some pretty suspect things in this game like finding people’s work schedules and getting them out at work, so needless to say I think Sean’s going to fall and he’s not going to be able to get back up. He’s going to get sporked in the back.”

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