Emily Fishman

“I was sporked the first day of the spork game in Forensics class, sixth block. So what happened was I was making a valentine for Ally and I wanted to add a little sticker to it but I couldn’t see the pictures in my backpack because it was dark in there. I decided that I needed to use both hands, so without thinking, I put my spork down on the table and Kelsey, who was sitting behind me, noticed and stabbed me with her spork. She immediately said sorry, but I didn’t care. I was upset. My face turned red and I started sweating because I was going to cry but I didn’t want to, so I started yelling. Then Liz told me to please stop so I told her that I can’t. I was so upset. I then went to my car with some buddies so I could yell a little more. In my head, there was just an even louder yell. Like this: ahhhhhhhhh. Except in my head.”

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