Jada Wilson

“I thought that Tracy’s room was a spork free zone because it was last year. We were doing a lecture in poetry and Nick Porter sporked me and I was like, ‘naw, it’s a spork free zone,’ and then he was like, ‘oh cool, bet.’ So then we were both chilling without our sporks in our hands, but then Keelan came and sporked Nick, and then Nick and I were like, ‘naw, doesn’t count, it’s a spork free zone,’ but everyone saw Keelan spork Nick and Tracy revealed to us that it wasn’t a spork free zone and I was like ‘nooooo!’ So then, Nick and I wanted to just agree that it didn’t count because we all thought it was a spork free zone, but Keelan just had to tell on us so Nick and I both got out. I was upset.”

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