Jenny Dean

“I got sporked in forensics class. It was so intense because we were all looking at chapsticks and recommending chapsticks and trying on each others chapsticks and I was getting really into it because I was like, ‘look at all my chapsticks, I have three different kinds, check it out!’ Then all of the sudden I see Zach Cameron walking up and I thought, why is Zach Cameron coming up to me? So he just sticks out his spork and touches it to my shoulder and I was like, ‘what is happening?’ So apparently I got sporked. My spork was not in my hand. I got super red in the face, started sweating a lot and I kind of made a high pitched whining noise. It was actually so sad but I got over it pretty fast. So I was a little upset and I got kind of embarrassed and then it just died out. It was intense in the moment, you had to be there.”

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