Ella Mosher

“So I was in Tracy’s forum at the end of the day, the first day of the spork game might I add, and I had my spork in my hand all through forum and we we were making valentines. At some point I must have put it down, I don’t know when. I walked into the hallway to meet up with my friends because we were meeting to go hang out and at the same moment Annie, Kelsey and I all realized that I didn’t have my spork. I just wasn’t holding it. So Annie sporked me. I had to just accept my defeat because I just assumed I forgot it in Tracy’s room. But later I got into my car and I drove to Annie’s house, and when I got out of my car I saw my spork on the chair of my seat which means it was probably in my pocket the whole time which means I probably could have saved myself and just didn’t realize it. So yeah. Good times”.

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