Senna Neubauer

“Once I got into Community I knew I wanted to do band. I play the flute and I knew Community didn’t offer the class I wanted. I was set on dueling even though I could’ve done it at Community with Jazz but I prefer a different type of music. The counselors and jazz teacher at Community told me it was really just my personal preference on the music styles and what I wanted to do. Even though I wanted to take band at Pioneer I still wanted to come here because I wanted a forum and the other fun stuff this school had to offer. It’s a good way to get exposed to both high school experiences and meet new people as well as get the two very different academic environments. In the beginning I was really nervous to duel and everything that came with it but now it’s just simple and fun and I’m glad I do it. I plan on doing it the rest of high school unless I get all my credits needed, then I may just go to Community full time.”

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