Kevin Davis

“I love my family, my co-workers, and some of the students in the building ā€” but just some of them. But everyday I am very thankful that they are a part of my life, and they make me feel very special about myself. In the mornings when I come in, students all say hi to me, you know, give me high fives and I smile back at them. And I feel that that there is some kind of love between us, you know, as a staff member to student kind of thing.

There was a time where I took my two students that I used to work with one-on-one. We left the building and we went down to the Arb. We spent the whole day at the Arb and we just talked about what their future plans were gonna be. In fact Iā€™m going to see them this weekend, and that was almost ten years ago.”

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