Fiona Apple: Rage, Rock and Raw Emotion

Tw: mentions of sexual assault and trauma
Fiona Apple: Rage, Rock and Raw Emotion

Fiona Apple is a victim, artist, and musical icon. Apple has been recognized in the music industry for over 20 years and is widely known for feminine rage music and intense lyrics. 

Apple has released five studio albums, debuting with the album “Tidal” at 18 years old. “Tidal” grew her platform tremendously and started her fanbase. The album includes her hit song “Criminal” which earned her three Grammy nominations and an award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. However, her fanbase started to pick up speed when she released her sophomore album, “When The Pawn….”  in 1999. The album included 10 tracks, the two major tracks being “Paper Bag” and “Fast as You Can”. The album received two Grammy nominations,  pushing her career forward. 

Since 1999, Apple has released three albums:  “Extraordinary Machine” (2005), “The idler wheel is wiser than…” (2012), and “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” (2020), winning her two more Grammys for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Performance. 

Fiona Apple embodies feminine rage and rock, twisted into insane works of art. A wide variety of sounds are displayed in her music, considered to be rare or abnormal, and the planning behind her music is incredible. She describes womanhood with in-depth lyrics and beats that grasp the audience.

Her art captures the vulnerability behind a breakup and childhood trauma. Much of Apple’s inspiration comes from her experience with sexual assault and the silence that came after that.

Each album is incredibly crafted and unique. Her lyrics are poetry, depicting a vast variety of emotions. You can connect her music to many human experiences, yet her music still feels personal to her. She’s fearless, and unafraid to dive deep into raw, untouched emotions, making her music refreshing to listen to. 

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