Women face many stereotypes and stigma around their appearance. Especially around elderly women. I love connecting with other women and seeing their true beauty on the inside, Fina Kutcher said.
Women face many stereotypes and stigma around their appearance. Especially around elderly women. “I love connecting with other women and seeing their true beauty on the inside,” Fina Kutcher said.
Daniel Ging

Beauty of Aging

We need to take a closer look at the harm of beauty standards and discuss the parallels between youth and aging women.

Pamela Anderson created a stir at Paris Fashion Week while wearing no makeup. She continues to be breathtaking and has been regarded as one of the most beautiful people on the planet. In 2019, her makeup artist passed away, and she stopped feeling the need or motivation to wear makeup. She then continued to not wear it and looked fantastic. Her new self-image served as inspiration for this piece and how older women are viewed.

As women age through life, they lose their value to society; with changes to their bodies, they no longer look like themselves. Instead of losing value, I believe women are continuing to grow into their true selves– for there is beauty in aging.

Wrinkles, smile lines, stretch marks and creases show someone has lived a life. To shame someone for smiling or reacting to moments is impertinent. Let alone, society doesn’t hold the right to comment on people’s appearances, especially because it is unclear what an individual could be going through regarding their appearance and confidence.

Older women are incredible, wise and carefree. I aspire to be unbothered like some of the older women in my life– uniquely true to myself.

My great-aunt is a beautiful example of aging well. With her lovely, big smile and aged skin, she carries herself with a different, yet enduring spark from her younger self. Unaffected by what society considers to be beauty, she is aware of her value. Her look is stunning, as is her attitude and energy.

The hard part of aging is getting to the unbothered stage. Society tells women that the marks on their faces are unacceptable, severely damaging their appearances. As a solution, plastic surgery comes into play.

Plastic surgery is by no means wrong, but it has damaged how many women view themselves. Many feel as though they need surgery to appear younger, and even at times, to please their partner and feel desirable. This becomes a trap, forcing society’s beauty standards onto women. Becoming unescapable, the standards are everywhere, especially in commercials. With enticing ads, promising youthful skin, it is easy to be hooked. On the contrary, plastic surgery can be extremely affirming for some but I would never make it the first option. There is nothing wrong with fitting into society’s box, it is important to remember it’s a small box many try to cram into.

Wrinkles should be rewarding, having earned the smile lines from memories full of love and light. Because that’s what they are, wear them as if they’re trophies, and don’t be afraid to evolve and change.

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