Tiny Story: Leo Castilho

Tiny Story: Leo Castilho

A moment in nature I’ll always remember.

In Autumn, life’s story acquires a vibrant change. Cool air carries earthy scents and sweaters bring comfort to the cold. Pumpkins and lights decorate porches, while cider awaits blossoming. Fall is Mother Nature’s final goodbye; until the sorrowful winter approaches. Until then cozy tales are told near fires with spiced cider warming the body, leaving children to get lost in corn mazes – laughing to their heart’s content. In fall’s bittersweet embrace, I discover life’s changes can be beautiful, extravagant and almost comforting. It’s a reminder that change is how life keeps rhythm, a reality we shall all come to accept someday. 


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Leo Castilho
Leo Castilho, Journalist
Leo Castilho is a first-year journalist and a junior at Community High School. Outside of home and school, you can catch Leo rowing for Skyline down at the docks of Concordia College, in a lab at Umich, at a fair, or relaxing with friends simply driving around.

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