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Tiny Story: Violet Knyal

A story I tell often
Daniel Ging

When I was younger, I used the same cup every night to brush my teeth. One night I drank from it and spit it out in disgust. There was soap in my cup; I had been sabotaged. I ran to my mom and said, “Mom! There’s soap in my cup!” She didn’t believe me, I’m not sure why. For weeks I struggled in silence. What was I to do, get another cup? Absolutely not. Eventually, my brother admitted to putting soap in my cup, and my mom made him apologize. I couldn’t hear him. All I thought was: ‘I won’.

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About the Contributor
Violet Knyal
Violet Knyal, Journalist
Violet Knyal is a Junior at Community Highschool, she is an experienced photographer but is new to journalism. She is a varsity coxswain on the skyline rowing team and will try to advertise rowing in her articles to draw more attention to the sport.

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