Tiny Story: Gummy Ochoa

Tiny Story: Gummy Ochoa

I was rivaled by Alex, someone who’s been undefeated for a year and a half at Egyptian Rat Screw. All of the counselors watched as we hung out in the abandoned warehouse at 2 a.m.. The game’s favor swung back and forth like a pendulum. From mistakes that had us cursing as we banged our fist on the table to lucky slaps that had us jumping out our seats, the tide of the game seemed forever undecided.

At the end, we immediately hugged each other after squeaking by with a winning slap, relieved the game had come to an end.

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Evan "Gummy" Ochoa, Specialized Journalist
Evan "Gummy" Ochoa is a senior at CHS who's in their 5th semester of Journalism. Gummy finds passion in dissecting pieces of art, specifically music. In their spare time, Gummy is an artist themself, producing, writing, and composing their own music under the moniker GVMMY, as well as plays in a jazz band as a drummer. Other hobbies include being a camp counselor, doing DJ gigs at private events, and recording music with other local artists.

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