Tiny Story: Piper Cooke

Tiny Story: Piper Cooke

“So what do you think?” My mom asks as I close a creaky and battered door behind us.

The stench of harsh chemicals and stale food fills my nose as my mom clenches my hand soothingly in hers.

My parents’ separation has left me in a 900-square-foot basement apartment with 6-foot ceilings. 

I look over at my mom, a common outlet of strength; all I see on her face is fear. 

I decided that I was scared too.

“I love it. This place is perfect,” I reply, hoping to spark a smile onto her face. It never comes.  

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Piper Cooke
Piper Cooke, Journalist
Piper Cooke is a sophomore at Community High School looking forward to her first semester on the Communicator staff. When she isn't listening to music or enjoying quality time with her friends, she can be found walking in nature and exploring new ideas. Piper has always been drawn to medical science and cannot wait for what this semester brings.

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