CHS Ultimate Team Finds Hope in Narrow Defeat

Josh Fendrick and Spencer MacDonald

On Saturday, May 7th, the Community High School Ultimate Frisbee team, the “Hippy Chupacabras”, took off for Detroit Country Day High School  to face off against the Washtenaw Technical Middle College “Air Raid”. In a battle of flying discs and countless hammer throws, the Air Raid narrowly defeated the Hippy Chupacabras, 15-14, in a grueling fight to the final point. In a match that was defined by towering tosses and inspired hustle, an outmanned CHS squad was just too tired to pull this one out, only having one substitute.

Even though their team did not come out on top, CHS senior Max McVety was thoroughly impressed with his team’s performance.

“I mean, we played really good for only having one sub,” said McVety. “And we had only had a couple practices before that. Hopefully we’ll get even better and win some games.”

Even though they lost, the team has a lot to look forward to. After a mediocre fall season in which the Hippy Chupacabras started off strong but performed incredibly bad in the end of the season city tournament, members of the team were optimistic to get back outside and start tuning up for their next set of games. A key off-season move was the arrival of 6’9” senior Jesse Buchsbaum, giving the Hippy Chupacabras a new down-field weapon.

Not only has Buchsbaum helped the team as a whole by allowing them to throw more deep discs, but he has inspired specific individuals too, namely senior Gil Eisbruch.

“I like how Jesse makes all my throws look good,” said Eisbruch.

Hopefully the combination of the Hippy Chupcabras’ spring motivation and freakishly tall new athlete will result in a successful rest of the year. The loss is merely a bump on the road, according to CHS senior Yasaf Warshai.

“We played a good game. It was a lot of fun and we have stuff to be proud of,” said Warshai. “We can definitely improve, but it was a good start to the spring season.”