Tantré Farms Sells Produce at the Farmers Market


Tantré Farms, located in Chelsea Michigan, grows their own organic vegetables.

On a Wednesday morning in October, people gather around the stand at the end of the Farmers Market.  Looking at the colorful display, they receive their weekly shares of produce.  An intern at Tantré Farms hands shoppers fresh fruits vegetables.

Started in 1993, by Richard Andres, Tantré Farms, an organic farm located in

An Employee at Tantré Farms hands out produce to Shoppers.

Chelsea Michigan, produces and distributes fresh, organic food.  “It’s really trying to build relationships between people, and people and their food,” says Gary Mazzeo, an intern at Tantré.

Tantré Farms grows their own produce with organic fertilizers.  One way Tantré sells their produce is through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares.  Many people in the area buy into the farm at the beginning of the year.  They get their product once a week, when they receive whatever the farm is producing. “We put together a box of goodness for them and they get whatever is seasonally available. They can eat seasonally and enjoy local organic food,” said Mazzeo of the CSA option.  They distribute these shares to local stores, restaurants and  people through farmers markets in the area.

Tantré Farms is mainly focused on vegetables, growing about fifty kinds.  However, they also grow various kinds of fruits, herbs and flowers.  They also raise multiple kinds of animals at the farm.

Mazzeo’s job at Tantré Farms means more to him than just a salary.  After working retail in the mall, which Mazzeo describes as a pretty good job, but sort of soul killing, Mazzeo is happy to be Tantré Farms.  “You know, I needed to be outside, and I needed to feel like I was really doing something for the world. And I think local organic food is a huge step towards solving a lot of issues.”

Now, Mazzeo is happy about his job at Tantré, “My job includes everything from planting things, weeding and doing the maintenance, the care.”  In addition, Mazzeo

Tantré Farms, located in Chelsea Michigan, grows their own organic vegetables.

puts together the CSA shares and takes part in the weekly distribution.

Mazzeo is not the only person with such a devotion to this farm. Tantré is a very open and welcoming organization. As the name suggests, the CSA program is both community focused and driven.  Members and nonmembers alike are invited to visit or volunteer at the farm. There are scheduled events as well that are open to the public.  They include cooking workshops, edible tours, and kid farm days.

Tantré Farms is an organic farm dedicated to their community. The CSA shares are a great way to buy your vegetables and support the local farm. Tantré Farms is located on Hayes Road in Chelsea, Michigan.  For more information on Tantré Farms and CSA shares, visit http://tantrefarm.com/ or call at (734)475-4323.