That Girl With The Long Hair

CHS junior Libby Davis-Craig shows off her hair, which is now over two feet in length.

You may worry about your hair: how it looks, when you need to wash it, why it’s being so frizzy or limp or any number of things. But you may have far less problems than some. Do you worry about sitting on your hair, or trapping it in car doors? Probably not. CHS freshman Lydia Evans, junior Libby Davis-Craig and many others do, because their hair is over two feet long, reaching down to their waists, hips or lower. In other words, they have a lot of hair.

Evans said that her long hair was a very unintentional occurrence. “When I was little I just didn’t like to have my hair cut, so I just wouldn’t let my mom cut it, so it just grew and grew and grew, and now it’s really, really long,” Evans said. “I never actually planned it to get this long.”

When asked about the possibility of haircuts, both Davis-Craig and Evans were open to the idea. “I probably will someday, when [my hair] starts to annoy me,” said Evans.

Davis-Craig agreed. “Especially if I were to do something like Locks of Love,” she added, referring to the charitable organization that turns donations of hair into wigs for cancer patients.

Davis-Craig donated her hair to Locks of Love when she was in third grade.  “It was really fun,” she said. “It’s a very good thing to do.”

Both girls mentioned that their hair garners a lot of attention. “Often, people will just come up and start playing with it,” Evan said.  “You kind of have to get used to it.”

“[People] yell at me across the street to tell me I have nice hair,” Davis-Craig added.  “So that’s kind of uncomfortable and weird.”

Davis-Craig also mentions the logistical problems associated with long hair. “I get it stuck on things, and I lie on it and I can’t get up,” she said. “Or the cat lies on it and I can’t get up.”

“I sit on it,” Evans said. “Other people sit on it. It gets caught in chairs.”

“In the winter, it’s really hard to find a good time to wash it,” she added. “It takes several hours to dry, so I have to have a big block of time.”

“It takes me forever to wash it,” Davis-Craig agreed. “and I have to brush it like twice a day to keep it from getting disgusting. “

However, both girls confirmed they like their hair long. “So far it hasn’t annoyed me too much,” Evans said.

“I want to see how long I can get it,” Davis-Craig said.