PSA: Submit to Free Verse


Sophia Camp

Students roaming the hallways beg you to submit to Free Verse.

Students roaming the hallways beg you to submit to Free Verse.

Katie Taub, Hannah Lehker and Julia Karr are here to talk about Free Verse! The deadline is tomorrow, March 8th so it’s important that everyone submit their writing and artwork to Ken McGraw, since the magazine has been transferred over to him this semester.


Katie: Hi my name’s Katie and with me here I have Hannah and Julia and we are the editors for this semester’s addition of free verse.

Hannah: So we are accepting submissions of creative writing of any kind so short stories and poems, also artwork and those will go to Ken McGraw and they are due tomorrow March 8th.

Julia: Hi my name is Julia Karr, so Free Verse is a great literary magazine that’s pretty unique to CHS. It’s been going on for a really long time, and Judith has been in charge of it until now, and we are trying to transfer over to Ken McGraw. So it’s really important that you give us a lot of submissions so that we can really get the magazine started on the right for for Ken. So we want short stories, creative writing, poems, artwork, the deadline is March 8th so please submit them to Ken McGraw.

See the audio of the transcription below.