Watergate or More Hate?

Alex Wood

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been embroiled in scandal for the past few weeks as more information comes out about how it has used special scrutiny when looking at conservative groups.  As the investigation of the agency has continued, more and more misdeeds have been revealed, most recently information about the agency’s spending on training videos and conferences.  Many conservative sources have blamed the Obama Administration for the IRS’ misconduct.  While there is perhaps some blame for the overlook, conservative groups are looking for something that is not there; this scandal is by no means an end-all for the Obama Administration.

 It seems as if every week, there’s another scandal involving the White House.  After the Benghazi attacks and the drone usage, this IRS information has been the ammunition for the conservative cannons.  The news channel and major voices of the right have been constantly throwing the word “Watergate” around.  While there has been some lack of in-depth surveillance from the White House, this is by no means a presidency-ending scandal.  There are several major differences between Nixon’s transgressions and what Obama has been accused of doing.  Nixon was caught, lying on tapes about having previous knowledge of the events that transpired in the D.C. hotel.  While conservatives have been calling for Obama to hand over the recordings from the Oval Office, there has been none of the admissions of guilt from White House staff members, as there was in 1973.

Obama has been quoted as calling the IRS’ behavior as “outrageous”.  Instead of berating the President of something that there is no evidence that he was involved in, the American people should join their leader in addressing this major problem with the agency and help fix the government.