Adventure Movie is Filmed in Northern Michigan

Adventure Movie is Filmed in Northern Michigan

Sophia Werthmann

In Manistee, Mich., there sat an old car ferry with producers, a director, actors, and cameras alike working to create something amazing. Inside the S.S. City of Milwaukee, the cast and crew was transported back to the 1930’s. The wood paneling and steam engines still reek of the days when the ship sailed the Great Lakes.

The kids’ movie that came alive on the ship is called The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Pirate’s Code. It is a sequel to the first movie that was released on April 30, 2013: Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy.

The original story, written by Harold Cronk and Eric Moshila, is an exciting tale. In the first movie, one of the characters, Grandpa Jack, is believed to be dead. The destruction of the United States due to evil actions suddenly becomes something that could occur. To prevent this, Mickey Matson and his friend Sully follow clues left by his Grandfather in order to keep villains from succeeding. At the end of the film, it is shockingly revealed that Grandpa Jack is alive.

In the second installment, Mickey Matson and his team work to stop a new villain from accomplishing their malicious goal. It features Christopher Lloyd as Grandpa Jack, and Michigan native, Derek Brandon as Mickey Matson.

Other cast members featured in this film include: Grammy award winning music artist Tia Carrere, Disney star Kenton Duty, Frank Collison, and Francesca DeRosa.

The movie’s cast and crew has made it their mission to make this movie even better than the first. Edgar Struble, one of the producers for the film said, “So this has a bigger cast, it has a bigger crew, we’re taking more time to film it, spending a little more money on it, and hopefully it’ll be a better movie.”

According to Struble, the movie company is pleased with the outcome of the previous film, partially due to the fact that sales are doing well.

Besides being filmed in Manistee, this motion picture was also filmed at the West Shore Community College in Ludington, Mich., and the Ludington State Park. “And we will be filming in Muskegon, Michigan. And the U.S.S. Silver Size, which is a World War 2 submarine,” said Struble.

Struble’s background in music does not make him appear to be the typical producer. He has composed music for films, composed and directed the Academy of Country Music Awards as well as the American Music Awards, and worked with country artist, Kenny Rogers.

Even though The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Pirate’s Code is a low budget movie, it provides good opportunities for crew members to be creative in different areas. The director, Harold Cronk, and Struble actually designed many of the set pieces.

The kids’ adventure movie began filming on Sept. 6, and finished around Oct. 2. It has not been decided yet how or when the movie will be available for viewing. That difficult decision will be made after the movie has been edited. “It’s quite a big financial risk to try to take it to theatres,” Struble said.