The Beatles: “Sgt. Peppers and The Lonely Heart’s Club”


The Beatles’s album was released in 1967.

Grace Stamos

“Hey, how about disguising ourselves and getting an alter ego, because we’re The Beatles and we’re fed up.”-Paul McCartney.

Just by glancing at The Beatles’ 1967 album cover, “Sgt. Peppers and The Lonely Heart’s Club,” this is not the same four guys in classic blacks suites everyone is use to seeing.  Sgnt. Peppers is intertwined with humor (“St Peppers and The Lonely Heart’s Club”), new technology (the first auto change) and a classic symphony mash up (“A Day in The Life”).  This album created a new way to produce and think about music forever.  Sgnt. Pepper’s and The Lonely Heart’s Club exposed a new face of The Beatles and showed an initiative, new way to go about creating music.