Teens Build Houses?

Building houses is easy stuff.

Nate Corry is a junior at Community High school who is part of the home building program, a program where high school students work together over a school year’s time. to build a house in the city of Ann Arbor that people will actually live in. He attends the program with three other community high students Dillion, Zach and Astrid.

Every school day Nate and the other students go to the building sight at 7:40 a.m sharp and work for about 3 hours. Corry is part of the morning session, but there also a session in the afternoon.

Nate enjoys the program and feels like it has help him grow to pursue his plan in going to a good college and becoming an engineer. He started the program with a little bit of knowledge on how things work behind the walls, but the program has helped him learn and experience a lot more than he would’ve known.

Corry explained, “It’s fun, interesting, and you learn something new everyday. Home building is a great program because it gives you practical work skills and prepares you to work right out of high school.”

“You get the hang of thing pretty quickly” said Solomon, a junior at Community High who also attends the program.

Our local home building program has won the state competition for the past three years and plan on winning again with Corry’s help. Corry is currently in the local competition and is competing to be on a team-works team for the state competition.