Man Turns Love of Baseball into Career

Morosi High School Baseball Team

Jon Morosi has a unique job that includes numerous opportunities that have helped shape his career. While Morosi was attending Harvard University, he came to a realization that he wanted to cover sporting events for a living. At the moment, he was unsure how we would achieve this, but once he took the opportunity of a lifetime everything fell into place.

Morosi was able to be employed at his dream job because he continued to pursue his interests and take every possible opportunity. Morosi graduated from Harvard in 2004 and moved to Portland, Oregon. He began covering baseball when he was employed at the newspaper in Portland called the Oregonian. The next summer he continued to cover baseball during the Hearst newspapers fellowship where he worked at the Seattle Post-intelligencer. One major opportunity opened up for Morosi,“The second Tigers writer job at the free-press opened up in 2006. One of my great mentors in journalism is John Lowe, who is the main baseball writer at the free-press. When the number two person job came available at the free-press, he recommended me for that and I had the chance to cover the Tigers in ’06 so at that point I was ready to come back home so I did,” he said. Morosi created relationships and connections throughout his life that provided him with inspiration and opportunities; without these he would not have the job he has today.

In 2009 Morosi began working at his current position as an MLB insider for Fox Sports. This job encombasses various types of media:  writing for (breaking news or analysis columns,) making televised appearances on FOX Sports 1 to talk about baseball, reporting from the sideline of baseball games, and broadcasting on FOX Sports Radio. “[My job requires me to] find interesting things to say and present that information in a good way that’s effective in terms of communicating with viewers and readers,” Morosi said.

Morosi’s current job rewards him with countless opportunities. “Every now and then other assignments will come up, either through convenience because of where I’m at or interests that I have outside of baseball. I covered the Real Madrid Manu game here which was fun… last fall I did a couple Michigan football stories. I did I think three playoff hockey games this spring… so it’s kind of fun to have that variety,” he said. Morosi is continuously given extraordinary opportunities through his job that he uses to excel and improve within his job. These possibilities for improvement enable Morosi to keep producing work that will please his bosses. Morosi continues to make interesting statements, create satisfactory points of analysis to bring up and develop interesting story angles in order to receive the freedom and flexibility to live in Michigan while his bosses remain in Los Angeles.

Morosi loves his job because he is able to work with his passion of sports, specifically baseball, every day. His job allows him to attend baseball games, talk about baseball, go to baseball games, and talk to the players and the managers involved. He also enjoys not having to sit in an office all day. “It is a fun industry to work in but I still have to work hard. It is very fast paced and intense,” Morosi said.

There is also a lot of travel involved with his work. When a sporting event happens that Morosi is covering, it could be a family member’s birthday or a special occasion that he has to miss to complete his job. “I’ve been married now for seven years and I might have been home on my anniversary once maybe. As a father now with a little girl and one more on the way this winter, it’s tough… the travel, the hours away,” Morosi said. “There are certainly benefits and drawbacks but for me the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.”

Morosi took a great deal of opportunities throughout his life which helped him get to where he is today; a thirty-two year old man who enjoys his job immensely. When you have a chance to do assignments, whatever your first assignments are, there’s a decent chance that they’re going to be somewhat small. But do a good job with the small assignments and then the assignments will grow. Be responsible with them, be thorough with them,” Morosi said. “When assignments come up, especially when you’re young, you have to say yes to them.”