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When he was younger, he wanted to be a physician…at least until his life took a turn. He thought becoming a physician would be the greatest accomplishment of his life, but he found that having a successful marriage with healthy, happy children and grandchildren was truly his greatest accomplishment.

At 75, Ivan Sherick has no regrets and enjoys the turn his life took from physician to psychoanalyst, later in life after he began school. He is very pleased with his alternative career because he finds that it is able to surprise him in ways he wouldn’t have imagined. Sherick is a psychoanalyst. He uses clinical techniques to deal with people who have conflicts of an emotional kind. “My favorite aspect of my occupation is being surprised by people. I enjoy their resilience and ability to deal with difficult issues.” His favorite childhood memories are the softball games that he played in Kelley Park. He was an ambitious athlete as a young boy and would go to the park every day. He was a successful athlete because he was there morning and night each day.

Sherick grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Today, Brooklyn is a fashionable place to grow up–but in those days it was just the opposite. It was working class, and people aspired to leave Brooklyn as opposed to being there.

When Sherick was a young adult, he had ideas that he wanted to get married and wanted a big family. When he met the woman who would become wife, he was only 18. They have been married now for 55 years.

Sherick lives his life around an idea of integrity. To him, integrity means being decent, honest, and humane to other people. Sherick’s job as a psychoanalyst is an outlet for this idea of integrity.

Sherick’s favorite childhood memory is sitting on his mother’s lap.. She would engage in a play. “She had a cute nose and I would take my finger and I would go down her nose like a ski jump, and we would both laugh.” He loves his memories of his mother.

Sherick loves his family, his job, and his childhood memories. He continues to live by his ideals of integrity. His childhood, family, and job built him into he man he is today.