Lions’ postseason hopes


The Detroit Lions have been playing for 80 years. In that time they have been the laughingstock of the league many times. In 2008 the lions went 0-16. The worst record a team can possibly get, this was the lowest of the lows for the Lions, and they still haven’t erased that image from people’s minds. They accomplished something that had never been done before in the NFL; going an entire season without winning a  single game. Since then Lions are 39-55, making the playoffs only once and losing in the first round. Being a Lions fan is hard.

In their history, the Lions have won four NFL championships but never been to a Super Bowl. While championships are important for any league, the Super Bowl is what sets the Lions apart, and draws the audiences. The Super Bowl drought adds to the 57-year championship drought for the Lions, the second longest drought in the league.

The Lions are currently 10-4, tied with Packers for the lead in their division. A 10-win season in the NFL usually gets you to the playoffs but this year it may not.

The Lions need to win against the Chicago Bears in Chicago, an outdoor stadium, to better their chances of making the playoffs. If they beat the Bears, the Lions will face off against the Green Bay Packers for the chance to win the division.

The Lions last played the Packers on September 21, winning by a score of 19-7. This was the start of the season and the Packers hadn’t yet come into their own. Another large factor playing against the Lions is the stadium. The lions have to travel to Lambeau Field in Wisconsin, one of the hardest stadiums in the NFL to win in on the road, because of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has a quarterback rating of 120.1, the best of any full time starter in the NFL.

The road to the playoffs for the Lions is hard, and fans may have another disappointing season, this time in a new way, having a ten win season and yet still not making the playoffs.

Community High sophomore Mike Stauder says: ” I think it’s going to be tough but we’ll make it.” Stauder, 15, has been a Lions fan his whole life. With the Lions’ struggles over the past few years Stauder says ” Yea, it’s been tough being a fan, the Lions have a lot of talent, they just haven’t been executing on it, but they are finally starting to”. The better of execution of talent has been a goal of the team ever since they picked their quarterback Matthew Stafford in 2009. This year that talent may finally be showing Stauder says “The record shows it”.

While the Lions have a long way to go, they have made great strides. Stauder still has hope for the Lions, even though they have let him down many times in the past. His type of fan, that sticks with the team is what keeps the Lions going, and gives them hope for the playoffs.




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