College Football nd New NCAA Legislation.

College football players take a high risk at injury every time the step foot on the turf. An issue in football on the collegiate level that has been in and out of the media is if college athletes should get pay.

According to research done by Sean Gregory, a writer for Time magazine,The NCAA decide to have a vote to allow 65 teams begin to pay their athletes.

The big issue is a large percentage of the public believes that college football players should get a salary per session. They argue that practicing football year round and training is equal to a full time job. Not to mention that all the players are risking their bodies physical health and well being by partaking in the sport.

Every year,1.5 million men participate in full contact football annually with an estimated number of 1.2 million football related injuries. This is 80% of the annual participants and 51% of those 80% suffered injuries in the training season. Sadly, thousands are left with permanent mental issues due to massive brain trauma. The statistics and numbers spread questions and controversy about the sport and what could be done to lower number of injuries.

“Some of us play for fun and others just just want their college payed for. Very few us actually actually want to play in the NFL but playing football gives a lot of us a port to throw out some of our worries and our stress.” explained Delante Ridley.

The number of participants continues to grow every year. As dangerous as the sport is portrayed to be, Monday Night Football is the most watched television show in America. It is labeled “America’s favorite sport” according to a poll taken by ESPN.