Song of the Day: “Inner City Travelin’ Man” by Amerigo Gazaway

Today, rap music sounds very different from golden age hip-hop. This isn’t to say contemporary rap is worse, but it has departed from hip-hop sounds of the late 90s and early 2000s. That being said, Mos Def, an MC who released his debut album right when hip-hop was at a real peak, has a sound that I think should be recognized by more modern rappers. He delivers intricate raps in a casual and easygoing manner, and is flow is never lacking However, the song of the day is not actually a Mos Def track, it’s a remix track done by producer Amerigo Gazaway. Gazaway released a mixtape entitled “Yasiin Gaye: The Departure” which contained remixes of the works of Mos Def and Marvin Gaye. The title track of this mixtape “Inner City Travellin’ Man” contains a lot of the old soul that modern day hip-hop rarely has. Mos Def’s rap is about being a rapper and having to travel around the world, and Gazaway did a phenomenal remixing the Marvin Gaye song “Inner City Blues” to fit the rap. The song is six minutes long, and Gazaway manages to flip the beat up for each of Mos Def’s verses. Even if you’re not into hip-hop, the whole album is free, so download, then try to tell me you’re not digging on it’s crazy flow.


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