Song of the Day “Lost in the Supermarket” by The Clash

Normally, if I was going to choose a song by The Clash for the Song of the Day, I would try to write about something that’s not from one of their more obvious albums, like “The Clash” or “London Calling”. However, this song came on the radio this morning while I was on my way to school, and it just had that classic sound that we strive for here at Song of the Day. “Lost in the Supermarket”, from the Clash’s all-too-famous record “London Calling”, is an upbeat, disco-esque introspection on middle class life in 1970s England. Written by guitarists Mick Jones and Joe Strummer, the lyrics were originally an attempt to capture Jones’ life in his formative years living with his mother and grandmother. This is one of the Clash’s more easygoing song songs, and the perfect thing to listen to while taking a stroll in the sunny March air.


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